The Problem 
Most people know disposable masks aren’t good for the planet. But even worse, the people who are wearing them aren’t putting them in the bin once used. This poses further risks to wildlife, the environment and the spreading of germs. 
Disposables should also not be put in the household recycling bin as it contaminates it.

The Drop of Magic 
Disposable masks are buzzing everywhere. Just like annoying (and persistent) flies.

A Government radio-led campaign dramatising the way disposable masks are swarming the planet, by comparing them to flies. The opening buzzing will create a jarring response, mirroring the frustration with masks - if you don’t bin them when you get the chance, they’ll continue to fly around. 
The only way to Stop the Swarm? Bin disposables properly.
TV Storyboard
The campaign shows the way one mask left to lie around will escape and cause damage to the outside world. The masks joins the millions of others left lying around, creating the swarm. 
The message is carefully delivered at the end to raise awareness of how bad they are for the planet alongside how to bin them. 
3D Projection
Instead of a static billboard, we brought the issue to life with 3d projection of masks buzzing around the walls and ceiling. Commuters would be reminded to stop the swarm, bin the mask. 
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