Hot Cars Kill
Many dog owners leave their dogs in cars when they go shopping. What they don’t realise is that the temperature inside a car gets hotter than outside. Quickly. This can lead to dangerous situations for dogs and potentially death.
This is the story of how the RSPCA shocked people into taking better care of their dogs.
The Problem
Since the start of the pandemic dog ownership has skyrocketed. Some of these new owners might not be aware of all the dangers to their furry friends. As the world begins to open back up again and the better summer weather comes around so does the risk to dogs. 

The Drop of Magic
A shocking ambient, placed right where it matters. 

The Solution
Turn the car parking spaces into a dog's tomb stone - an ambient led campaign that shocks and informs people about the dangers of leaving their dogs in hot cars. Customised tickets would carry the message as well as informative flyers to let people know about how quickly temperatures can change inside. 
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